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#1 Foosball in SE Michigan
Best foosball/hot chick bar in the Detroit area. Period.
Foosball Soccer.com
Photos that look like they're from another planet
CavernClub A2
The 3rd floor has a new Tornado said to be in mint condition
Michigan Beer
Go ahead, click it. You know you want some.
List of used foos tables in Michigan

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Ian and Megan The Wolverine State Tap Room is a place that is unique. You can have two people who visit on two different nights and the opinions will be like they were never in the same place. 99% of the time they will agree on the people who work there are "perfect" and the beer, not far behind. If you crave a fancy umbrella drink or a fine glass of wine, then stay away. If instead, you're looking for a place to chill, have a seriously hand-crafty beer and play some quality foosball, then Wolverine Tap Room will hit the g spot. (g=gulo gulo)


Should you be joining of us for casual Thursdays or for a foosball tournament, and you've never been to the Wolverine Tap Room the address in Google Maps is correct however the pin on the map is wrong. Wolverine Brewing is not visible from Stadium. Instead, you're looking for Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness, just one building south of Big George's. Pull into Great Lakes entrance, then go to the back and look for this:
Map of where Wolverine Beer is located

WiFi Is Pretty Good So Laptops Welcome


0 #1 Tom 2012-10-11 20:14
Hi. naked celebrities
Is Wolverine State Brewing the only bar or public location in Ann Arbor with Foosball tables, or are there others that are closer to the U of M campus? Thanks for you help and your site.

By Plimun Web Design

By Plimun Web Design


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